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Sparkling 1st English Garden Competition (EGC) of EGP Animal Husbandry UB 2016

Senin, 14 November 2016
Oleh : Admin Fapet


English Garden for Prosperity (EGP) faculty of animal husbandry UB hold 1st English competition for new entry students of animal husbandry faculty Brawijaya University. This event have a title English Garden Competition(EGC) with theme piloting your first flight to the sky highwith purposes to found the competitive students in English sectors and facilitated new entry students of animal husbandry students to expressed and improved their skills in English competition. EGC 2016 hold 2 categories, there are speech contest and storytelling.

Selection round was hold on November, 13th 2016 in 6th room 1st building Fapet UB with eight participants from storytelling and 7 participants from speech contest with free theme that participants can showed to the judges. Final round was hold on November, 20th 2016 in 22th room 4th building Fapet UB elected 5 participants from speech contest and 4 participants from storytelling with adjudicators from Administrative English Club (AEC) Administration Faculty UB. This event was opened by dean of animal husbandry faculty UB prof. Suyadi, Ms. On his speech he delivered about importance of English as international language in campus activities, because animal husbandry UB already be part of world communities in science sectors, in the last of speech the dean suggested to all of finalist to active give influence for English developing in animal husbandry UB.

 All participants did the best and bringing spectacular showed to the judges and audience with properties that already brings and make the room more fantastic for watched. Theme final round for story telling contest already determined by committee and all finalist must made the stories by their selves, and also for speech contest used improp to systemthat all finalist must delivered their speech without preparation after they got the question from judges.

English Garden Competition (EGC) 2016 was ended and elected Muhammad Syafi as 1st winner of speech contest and fajrinNadlief as 1st winner of storytelling contest, EGC 2016 was closed with mannequin challenge with all of finalist, committee, judges, and supporters. (Willy)


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