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Analisis Hasil Penelitian dan Pengabdian

Research and Community Service. Academic performance in the field of research and community service is also very good. In the field of research, the number of research professors for 3 years is 1 research financed from foreign funds, 84 research financed from domestic funds and 34 research funded by the institution itself or NK = 2.42, log rank dignity and 4 (EXCELLENT), number of scientific publications during 3 years was 78 international publications, 7 national publications and 171 local publications or NK = 5.84 which means that the value of 3.9 included in the dignity and rank 3 (GOOD). Student involvement in faculty research can also be said to be good because of the 499 students who programmed the final task, there were 129 students doing research using faculty research or the percentage of students involved in research lecturer (PD) amounted to 25.85% or value = 4 that means entering the dignity and rank 4 (VERY GOOD). Until now recorded eight research works have obtained patents or enter the dignity and rank 4 (VERY GOOD). In community service activities, there were 43 activities financed from domestic funds and 33 activities financed by the institution itself, or NK = 1.40 which means that the entry in the dignity and rank 4 (VERY GOOD). Agencies involved cooperation with FPT-UB, there were 20, and can be said to go on rank 4 (EXCELLENT), while foreign institutions tecatat by 7 and can be said to be very good.