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Poultry Farm Business Development Tips

Poultry Farm Business Development Tips

Monday, 29 March 2021
Oleh : Humas FapetUB

Today the poultry industry in Indonesia has become the prima donna of developing the livestock industry. Because the industrial sector has been cultured down to breeders who have taken into account the business in raising livestock.

So that poultry commodities become the mainstay of economic development and livestock business. Therefore, it is necessary to have the seeds of future leaders from the world of animal husbandry to start and pursue the poultry farming business.

This was conveyed by the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB), Prof. In his speech, Suyadi opened an online seminar entitled “Tips for Developing Poultry Farming Business”, Saturday (27/3/2021).

Suyadi said building a poultry business is a step towards realizing the progress of a nation that is healthy, peaceful, prosperous and sovereign. However, it is supported by increased consumption of poultry meat in the community so that it can stabilize prices.

In line with this thought, Inspector General of Police Drs. Frederik Kalalembang (Baharkum Polri Main Policy Analyst, National Police Headquarters and owner of chicken farms) who is trusted to be a resource person explained that doing poultry business is an extraordinary opportunity. Because the majority of the population does not know race and religion, they consume chicken meat and eggs.

According to him, the key to the success of raising poultry is proper feeding, routine vaccination and cage sanitation. Besides that, mental readiness is also needed, because doing business takes up emotions, energy and thoughts.

“The advantages of doing business are not limited to retirement, can be monitored from home, and create jobs for the community.” explained Frederik

On the other hand, Edi Effendi (owner of PT. Mulia Jaya Mandiri) as the second speaker conveyed the tips for success in raising laying hens. Among others, the selection of the location of the cage (farm) that is easy to reach and far from residential areas, determining the cage building system according to the climate of the farm area, and selecting chicken seeds (DOC) with strains or types that are in accordance with environmental conditions, market share, production results, as well as performance good. (dta)



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