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IASC as a Forum for Scientific Research Results of Students 

IASC as a Forum for Scientific Research Results of Students 

Saturday, 25 June 2022
Oleh : Humas FapetUB

A work competition entitled Innovation of Animal Science Competition (IASC) was again held by the Student Scientific Group (KIM) Faculty of Animal Science Universitas Brawijaya (Fapet UB), Saturday – Sunday (25-26/6/2022 ). IASC is a competition for students and university students that accommodates research results and contributes creative and innovative thinking through writing competitions. This event is regularly held every year where in 2022 it has entered its ninth year.

With the theme of Innovation and Strategy Through Generation Z’s Contribution in Livestock Integration to Realize SDGs 2045, the event was conducted online. Meanwhile, the sub-themes offered to student participants are Livestock Technology, Industry and Environment, Product Processing, and Maintenance Management. As for students, they are Technology Production, Livestock Engineering, Animal Nutrition, and Social Economics.

Participants who registered amounted to 287 from various high schools/equivalents and universities in Indonesia. After going through the selection stages, 10 finalists were obtained from the student team and the university team respectively. Such as MAN 1 Jombang, MAN 2 Ponorogo, MAN 1 Jembrana, SMAN 1 Ampel, MAN 2 Kudus, SMAN 1 Sooko, SMKN 1 Tulungagung, SMAN 1 Teras, SMAN 1 Pacitan, MAN 2 Ponorogo, Malang State Polytechnic, Jember University, Brawijaya University. , Airlangga University, Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Trunojoyo Madura University, and Malang State University.

opening ceremony IASC IX oleh Wakil Dekan III

The event was opened by the Vice Dean III, Dr. Agus Susilo, S.Pt. MP HDI ASEAN Eng. He thanked all parties who had worked hard so that IASC IX was implemented very well. Besides that, he hopes that the finalists who are the banners of young innovators can continue their research and implement it to the wider community.

The finalists will make a presentation in front of the jury according to the sub-theme through a breakout room. Then the announcement of the winner will be made at the peak of the event the next day, Sunday (26/6/2022). (dta)













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