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EGP (English Garden for Prosperity) Hold 4th MUBES (Group Discussion) 2016 to Create Gold Generation

Jumat, 22 Januari 2016
Oleh : Admin Fapet


English Garden for Prosperity Faculty of Animal Husbandry UB hold up 4th MUBES (Great Discussion) 2016. This event hold on Saturday and Monday, January 16th – 17th 2016 at 6 th room, 1st building of Animal Husbandry Faculty UB. This MUBES attended by 49members of EGP include daily committee, MPKPH and also former member of EGP. Theme of 4th MUBES year was “Regeneration to Create Gold Generation and Better Organization” that was amazing theme with purpose the regeneration of EGP as the gold generation that would build up a better organization and gave more contributions for Animal Husbandry Faculty especially in English competitions. Unfortunately, this event only attended by half of the membership because so many new members had other activity but all of program would be run smoothly.
This 4th MUBES (Great Discussion) was started with speech and also opened by Mr. Dr. Ir. Osfar Sjofjan, M.Sc as 3rd Vice Dean Animal Husbandry Faculty. In his speech, Mr. Osfar hope that EGP would be better organization and  gave more achievement in English competition like debate, speech, storytelling etc., the MUBES (Great Discussion) continued with discuss about accountability report (LPJ), AD-ART and GBHO. Furthermore, the most important thing was election of leader as the next generation, its unforgettable moment because 5 candidates there are M. Ngalaul Huda, Irwan Setiyawan, M. Arif Rahman, Novia Andriana and Teguh Hidayat as nominated explain about their biggest dream to build up EGP as better organization also tell about point of view and also their mission. Finally elected M. Ngalaul Huda as the 4th President of EGP replaced Fredyan Isnan Effendi as the 3rd President. All of participants very enthusiastic about the next leader hopefully keep exist to bring the good image of EGP in every competitions, especially English competition, as the organization that gave more advantages for Animal Husbandry students. Lastly, this event closed with EGP award there some categories like spirited members, most active members and strongest member given to members as the appreciated in one period (2015-2016).
The main purposes to hold this event as regeneration and create gold generation continuity EGP as a better organization, so that in the next period EGP have a generation that can active to attract in this organization. As a symbolism the 3rd president had given EGP’s flag to the new president, its mean that all of power given to the 4th president to continued his struggle. In his speech, the 3rd president gave congratulations for next generation also appreciated for his partner in 2015-2016 periods was through all of work program.  He also suggested to all of participants as the gold generation with new spirit that could make EGP achieved more achievements, also increased the quality on English with commitment in organization and gave real contributions for Animal Husbandry Faculty. (LcRn)

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