Vission :

Being a leading institution in the field of animal husbandry based on local resources at the national and international levels

Mission :

  1. Organizing education in the field of animal husbandry national and international standarts
  2. Develop research which resulted international scientific creations and technology science that needed for society and industry
  3. Develop and expand the cooperation network in domestic and abroad in the fields of education, research and international scientific publications
  4. Align the quality of learning the national and international standards to produce graduates who are national and international competitiveness and has competence in accordance with the needed for stakeholders.

The Purposes of the Animal Husbandry  Faculty are to:

  1. Produce graduates who are God feary and have the spirit of Pancasila
  2. Produse graduates who has advantages in the development and application of science and technology, particularly in the field of animal husbandry which national and international competitiveness
  3. Produce graduates have the high spirit of entreprenuership who be able manage and develop livestock bussiness
  4. Produce graduates who have the leadership skills that qualified and capable to be booster the development of animal husbandry in society (community leaders)
  5. Produce graduates who have the leadership high managerial abilities and be able work in various institutions or industries in a profesional and highly competitive at work in domestic or aboard
  6. Capable to develop and conserve local farm resources to empower livestock on industry scale