To achieve the vision and mission, Animal Husbandry-UB arrange a long-term program for the next 5 years, in a document of a Strategic Plan (Plan) Animal Husbandry – UB 2012 – 2017. Strategic Plan Animal Husbandry-UB refers to the 3 Pillars Ministry of National Education, Three Strategic Issues  Directorate General Higher Education Ministry of National Education and the Strategic Plan of UB 2011-2016. Three Pillars Strategic Plan Ministry of National Education:

  1. Equity and Expanding Access to Education.
  2. Improving the quality, Relevance, and Competitiveness.
  3. Strengthening Governance, Accountability and Public Imaging.

Three Strategic Issues  Directorate General Higher Education Ministry of Education contained in Document HELTS (Higher Education Long Term Strategy) 2003-2010, namely:

  1. National Competitiveness.
  2. Autonomy and Decentralization.
  3. Health Organizations.

The strategic plan of Animal Husbandry UB can be seen here: RENSTRA 2013-2017